Invite an Advisor to Sign Up for MMIP


The “Invite an Advisor” feature is an easy way for you to direct Advisors to the MMIP site and encourage a quick sign up. By signing up, Advisors receive access to the full MMIP program and its many features/benefits:

  • Advisor-Use Only materials:
    • In-depth Morningstar manager and market commentaries
    • Value added commentaries
  • Investor Experience tools:
    • Morningstar-generated Investor Profile Questionnaire:
      • Probing investor risk, timetable and attitudes towards risk
      • Helps with product suitability requirements
    • Morningstar–generated Investment Policy Statement
      • Private client-style experience
      • Recommended portfolio (1 of 5)

Follow the 3 easy steps NOW.

    • INSERT Advisor’s email into “Invite an Advisor” feature
    • ADD message (reiterate prior contact; reference a MMIP feature/benefit – see above)
    • HIT send
  2. CALL and encourage Advisor to:
    • OPEN email
    • CLICK link to MMIP website
    • CREATE easy-to-remember password
    • COACH Advisor to CHECKOUT site
    • REMIND Advisor that MMIP is excellent for clients/prospects
  3. RECORD in Pivotal for follow-up

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Invite Advisor
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