Investor Centric Portfolios

Putting Your Needs Front & Centre – Where They Belong

A Portfolio that Starts with You

Morningstar Managed Investments are designed to put investors first. These portfolios enable your financial advisor to access top managers, and institutional quality portfolio management.

Your advisor will work with you to choose a portfolio that is aligned to your:

  • Financial goals
  • Timetable
  • Attitudes towards risk & reward

Investing Only When the Reward to Your Portfolio Outweighs the Risk

To Morningstar, risk is not only a technical financial term, it’s a personal concern. Morningstar’s approach is designed to first preserve your savings and then grow your money – investing when the potential reward to the portfolio outweighs the risk. But first, you and your Financial Advisor need to determine your Investment Profile and your attitudes towards risk and reward.

Your Investment Profile Puts You in Your Portfolio

What will you use the money for?
When will you need your money?
Will you need it in a lump sum or draw it down over time?
What is your appetite for risk?
Is your main goal to avoid loss or the opposite – to maximize growth?
Do you react to bad news or stay the course?
Can you tolerate ups and downs in the market?
These are the types of questions your Advisor will ask in a nuanced Investment Profile Questionnaire designed to understand your attitudes towards risk and reward. Your answers are used to determine your Investment Profile and the type of Portfolio that will work for you.

Private Client Treatment: An Individualized Investment Policy Statement

Your Financial Advisor will provide you with an individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a declaration of intent typically prepared for institutional and affluent private investors. Your IPS will be used to discuss your Portfolio and how it responds to your needs and attitudes towards risk and reward. Your Advisor will take you through how Morningstar monitors and adjusts your Portfolio back to its original mix to maintain a constant balance between risk and reward.

A Portfolio of Leading Managers Working for You

Call them leading performers, strong picks, cream of the crop – you want your portfolio stacked with strong leaders. Morningstar Managed Investments hold leading managers of mutual funds, pooled funds and ETFs with strong potential for performance. Your Financial Advisor will likely recognize and recommend many of these leading, 3rd Party managers.

Top Managers in MMIP

Logos of 3rd Party Managers

Morningstar’s Objectivity and 3rd Party Managers

Morningstar is known globally for their independent, objective analysis, so you can rest assured that managers in your portfolio are there because they are leading managers, with potential to deliver for you.

Morningstar analysts conduct regular face-to-face meetings with investment managers around the world. They couple objective insight with high-quality data, to uncover third-party mutual funds, pooled funds and ETFs with the potential for superior risk- adjusted returns. Morningstar’s portfolio management team uses their asset allocation methodology to combine their highest-confidence selections, and carefully avoid overvaluations to help mitigate the impact of market ups and downs. For you, this can mean a smoother investment ride.

Morningstar is also actively managing the portfolios and have the ability and flexibility to make decisions to adjust as market conditions change.

Putting Your Needs Front & Centre – Where They Belong.